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2019-11A Commercial Customer Training – Prevost Factory Training Quebec City Sep 29th – Oct 3rd 2019
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AT PURCHASE IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO ADD THE NAME OF THE ATTENDEES,YOU WILL RECEIVE AN ORDER NUMBER WHEN THE PURCHASE IS COMPLETE. Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation letter from Prevost with registration and event details. (Prevost Electrical 2 Days) Prevost Multiplex, on board diagnostics, system troubleshooting, schematic familiarization & troubleshooting. PRIME system operation and diagnostics. (HVAC Systems 2 Days) Component Identification HVAC Controls Troubleshooting & System Diagnosis. (Volvo Drive Train 2 Days) Volvo D13 Emissions & engine evolution / PTT advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting sensor location & ECU communication, Valve adjustment & maintenance. (Pneumatic Braking Systems 2 Days) Pneumatic system overview / system operation, maintenance and function / Braking system , valves and operation / Bendix Knorr caliper / ABS, ESP (Electronic Stability Program), ACB (Adaptive Cruise Braking). (Accessory Pneumatic Systems 1 Day) Suspension / Kneeler / Entrance door / High buoy Low buoy. (Transmission diagnosis 1 Day) Allison transmission diagnostics troubleshooting and recommendations for replacement / I-Shift transmission familiarization and troubleshooting.  
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